Who am I?


Satu isn’t my real name[1], but it’s the one I’ve gone by in most of my online life.

My real name is Annika. I’m 29, and I live in Birmingham, England, with two cats, 11 tarantulas, and Mr Satu[2].

I am fond of books — which is good, because I catalogue them for a living. I read a lot. I write a bit. I occasionally proofread.

I am also fond of bikes; at the moment I have four[5], which, as Mr Satu likes to remind me, is one more than he has. In June 2010, he and I and four others cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats — mainly to see if we could. The answer, it turns out, was yes.

My next project will be to take over the world, or, failing that, my slightly neglected mountain bike.

I can also be found on Twitter or via email to evilsatu at gmail dot com.

[1] Though I used to wish it was!
[2] We’re not married, but I call him that anyway.[3]
[3] Not to his face. That’d be weird.[4]
[4] To his face, I call him “Snugglebunny”.
[5] One for going up and down mountains, one for going to work, one for going really fast and one for going slightly slower but with room for luggage.


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